Laurence Largenté

Doctoral student / Lecturer at University of Montreal and University of Sherbrooke

Laurence Largenté is a doctoral candidate in law (LL.D.) at University of Montreal under the supervision of Professor Patrick A. Molinari.

A lecturer at University of Montreal and University of Sherbrooke law faculties, she has been teaching students enrolled in dental medicine and optometry PhD preparation for the DRT 1810s (X and W) course since 2011. She has also taught health law (DRT 3810), pharmaceutical law (DRT 6973 and DRT 603-769), and ethics and life sciences (BIM 707)

Her research focuses primarily on pharmaceutical law in Canada and in the European Union; Quebec health law; ethics; and comparative law.

Her main focus is the legal implementation of risk management in healthcare systems and in the pharmaceutical field. She is also interested in the phenomenon of drug misuse and of their unauthorized marketing, as well as the use of drugs for therapeutic purposes. Epistemologically, she follows the theory of global health governance (globalization and Global Administrative Law).

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