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Save the date! Friday, January 21, 2022  1pm – 3pm EST.This is the launch event for Pandemic Societies, a book by 40 international experts on the transformations brought about by the pandemic. The event consists of three panel discussions:

PANEL 1: Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Life
PANEL 2 : Government and Public Policy
PANEL 3: Health

About the book:

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many thought the changes taking place would be fleeting. It is now widely recognized that COVID-19 will not be the last pandemic in our highly interconnected world, and “pandemic societies” will be with us for some time.

Pandemic Societies brings together experts in a wide range of academic disciplines to reflect on how their fields might be transformed in this new context. While the pandemic forces global institutions, such as the World Health Organization, to reimagine the ways in which they function, it also reaches into our everyday lives to change how we organize culture, performing arts, sports, tourism, and cities. Exploring how COVID-19 has altered people’s daily experiences – the ways they meet to play, to perform, and to entertain themselves – this book also pulls the lens back to take in the broader institutional and political contexts in which these quotidian activities are carried out.

Examining the profound ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed every aspect of our lives, Pandemic Societies attempts to understand how we might act to steer this pandemic society, and how to reinvent institutions and practices that we think of as intrinsically face to face. This event is open to the public – prior registration is not required. 

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