Health law meeting (2nd edition) on the theme: «Health Law at the Frontier»

Fourteen health law experts from Canada and international will meet for two days to discuss current issues related health law at the borders. A book will be published in the wake of this event.

The goal of the Rencontres en droit de la santé is to provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with researchers on a variety of issues relating to the general topic. The theme, Health Law at the Frontier, aims at exploring the notion of «frontiers» taken either in the geographic sense of the term (for example, globalisation of health concerns, migration of health professionals, medical tourism, protection of health in the context of free trade, access to healthcare for migrants, access to healthcare for Indigenous communities, etc.) or in the sense of “new” law and health aimed at exploring cutting-edge issues at the periphery of these two disciplines (such as robotics, big data, the challenges and advantages inherent in the development of information and communication technologies, new issues in liability etc.).

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