AI & Cities – AMLD EPFL 2021

December 2, 2021 – AI & CITIES 

Catherine Régis will be one of the speakers at AI & CITIES and will discuss the The Role of Public Health in the revolution of AI in cities. 

For more information on the event, visit this website!

Building on the success of the previous “AI & Cities” editions at AMLD 2019 and AMLD 2020, we want to continue the conversation on challenges and opportunities of the AI revolution on cities around the globe. “AI & Cities” has always been a discussion platform for both urban theorists and practitioners – and we seek to continue this tradition, intersecting views from academics, the public sector and industry. 

So how can AI & ML technology help us to adapt to and mitigate the effects of these global events? And how will challenges differ across geographic, economic and cultural spaces? “AI & Cities” 2021 will tackle these and many more pressing questions, featuring a range of talks and panels with leaders in academia, industry and the public sector. As in previous years, we also want to feature young blood and ideas, such as early-career researchers and startups.


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