Colloquium « Les organisations internationales en transformation », videos available online (in French)

January 20 and 21 2021, many experts and specialists joined forces to discuss the current state of international organizations, especially to reflect critically on the United Nations. Certainly, many challenges have hindered the operations of such entities due to climate change, the resurgence of local conflicts as well as sociopolitical and religious instability within certain borders, to name a few.

The Colloquium was divided in four major themes (in French):

  • Theme 1: How is the current context (the resurgence of AI, protectionism, geography, environment, health) transforming international organizations?
  • Theme 2:  Under what conditions can we develop scientific diplomacy using evidence?
  • Theme 3: International collaboration and Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030). 
  • Theme 4:   Can we reform our international institutions?

Although the Colloquium is in French, you may still watch the videos by following this link.




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