TEGL 2021 Panel :The Role of the WHO in a Pandemic: The Need for a More Adaptive Form of Leadership?

Held on January 20 and 21 2021, several researchers and specialists met to discuss the current state of international organizations. At the heart of their reflection, the results of voluntary cooperation organizations, given that the resurgence of local conflicts, religious, social and economic disputes have certainly made the operations of these entities more complex.

As a follow-up to this colloquium, a team took on the task of developing a white paper containing an analysis and recommendations which include the point of view of the participants in the colloquium”. Under the direction of Catherine Régis and Michèle Stanton-Jean, the team is made up of Arianne Boily, Stéphanie B.M. Cadeddu, Maëlenn Corfmat, Gaëlle Foucault and Édouard Habib.

This White Paper recommends taking actions on the following levels:
1. Financing International Organizations
2. Key reflections on the functional adaptation of International Organizations
3. Strengthening multi-level collaboration (and governance).

The White Paper is available right here!

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