International Symposium - Society, AI and Normativities

On February 15, Professor Catherine Régis will participate in the panel "From principles to standards: a look at the tools of AI governance", as part of the International Symposium - Society, AI and Normativities. 


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About the Symposium: 

As AI expands, its economic potential grows, and its blind spots are increasingly revealed. Major investments are being made, aiming at the development of a competitive ecosystem, but the expected benefits are also coming with some risks: breach of personal information, discrimination, bias of race, class or gender, social control, loss of autonomy, etc. A worldwide consciousness of these ethical, legal and societal issues has already led to the development of ethical frameworks and more than 200 guidelines, codes, frameworks or other ethical standards adopted by different stakeholders (governments, civil society, companies).

With the contribution of some twenty speakers from Quebec, Canada and the international scene, this symposium aims to take a critical and nuanced overview of the ethics of AI and the normative tools framing the development of AI. These talks seek to explore and discuss the normative plurality framing the deployment of AI as well as the tools of AI governance developed to shift from "declaration" to action. We will also discuss issues of participation and inclusion in the processes of normative construction in order to deconstruct the universalizing representation of AI and to foster the integration of a wider spectrum of concerns, including that of users as actors in their own right in the development and use of AI.

This conference is an opportunity to raise questions and explore different perspectives with researchers, practitioners and civil society actors in order to enrich the debate and to think differently about the different normative initiatives surrounding AI, for the benefit of individuals, groups and the whole society.


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