Nouvelle publication de la Chaire: Lara Khoury et Catherine Régis «Quebec’s Contributions to Health Law and Policy Debates in Canada»

Lara Khoury et Catherine Régis, «Quebec’s Contributions to Health Law and Policy Debates in Canada» dans Joanna Erdman, Vanessa Gruben et Erin Nelson (dir.), Canadian Health Law and Policy, 5e éd., Toronto, Lexis Nexis, 2017, p. 95-132.


What is this book about?

Understand the developing and critical issues in health law and policy.
Much more than the study of laws relevant to the area of medicine, Canadian Health Law and Policy draws together the legal and policy issues that are relevant to human health, and sheds new light on emerging and continuing trends. Written by Canada’s leading health law scholars, the fifth edition of this unique work provides expert commentary and analysis on a wide range of emerging health law related issues. It is a vital resource for anyone seeking to understand the developing and critical issues in health law and policy.

What’s New in this Edition?

  • New editors and contributors bring together a range of expertise from across Canada
  • Completely revised and updated content
  • Coverage of new statutes, policy documents, and court decisions
  • Overview of the most recent cases and issues
  • Review of the legal and policy controversies associated with a variety of emerging science and health technologies, including genetics, stem cell research and artificial intelligence
  • Updates on controversial policy developments such as genetic discrimination and new gene editing technologies
  • Commentary on today’s most current public health issues, including infectious and chronic diseases
  • Shorter targeted chapters that can be paired with primary legal sources for teaching
  • New topics covered include:
    • the study and teaching of health law
    • robots and artificial intelligence in health care
    • genetics and the law
    • pharmaceutical regulation
    • law and the body
    • social determinants and marginalized populations

The Book Was Designed For

  • University and college students in health law, medicine, and nursing who need a reference book on legal issues in health practice
  • Policymakers who need to get up to speed on emerging health law topics
  • Health, personal injury, and constitutional lawyers involved in medical malpractice, privacy, regulation of health professionals, mental health law, and representation of hospitals and health authorities
  • In-House counsel and senior administrators at hospitals who need to follow developments in the law surrounding privacy, confidentiality, biomedical research, mental health, and reproduction

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