Catherine Régis participe au Science Policy Week, organisé par GESDA (Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator)

Un programme d’immersion et un forum ouvert à Genève pour les leaders actuels et futurs de la science et de la diplomatie.            

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« The world is experiencing breakthrough science and technological advances at an unprecedented speed. These discoveries will reshape how we view ourselves as humans, how we relate to each other in society and how we care for our environment. To prepare for this future,  our current and future scientific, diplomatic, and business leaders need to understand and jointly promote anticipatory Science & Diplomacy as an effective tool for a renewed multilateralism.

Initiated by the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator, the Geneva Coalition on Anticipatory Science and Diplomacy was created in 2021 by 14 Swiss and global institutions to empower the current and next generation of leaders with a «multilingual» mindset in science and diplomacy to navigate the science-diplomacy interface and foster boundary-spanning professionals and institutions. »

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