The Innovative University: Renewing the Role of Universities in the Digital Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

Catherine Régis and Jean-Louis Denis are the leaders and co-authors of this position paper, outgrowth of the first U7+ summit, held in Paris alongside the July 2019 G7. Cécile Petitgand, post-doctoral fellow at H-POD, also is author and contributor of this report. 

For the authors, universities worldwide must become more essential players in digital innovation (DI) and artificial intelligence (AI) and increase their capacity to support the “responsible” development and use of these technologies. 

Catherine Régis notably add that “with this position paper, we hope to stimulate international dialogue, given that universities will need to be creative and energetic as they face the coming digital wave.”

Projecting us in the trajectory that we must observe in our highest institutions of knowledge, this report is certainly a must-read!

You can find an overview here.

You can find the complete report here.

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