AI and Health Law

Catherine Régis and Colleen M. Flood co-authered the chapter “AI and Health Law” in the volume Artificial Intelligence and the Law in Canada directed by Teresa Scassa and  Florian Martin-Bariteau – both law professors at uOttawa. This book illustrates the numerous challenges encountered as artificial intelligence continues to expand and how legal systems respond to such expansion. Each chapter examines the latest developments to AI in a specific legal field.

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"Bringing together some of the leading Canadian scholars in the field, Artificial Intelligence and the Law in Canada captures the diversity of law and policy challenges facing Canada when it comes to AI. It offers insight into how existing laws might apply, what gaps are present, and what issues law reform should address. Because AI creates significant new challenges for law and public policy, each chapter begins with a summary of key challenges and issues from the perspective of the author, and ends with an assessment of risks and opportunities, and key gaps in the law."


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